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Terry Mohn Board Chairman and Business Advisor

Terry Mohn is board chairman and advises General MicroGrids, Inc on business strategy. He is located in San Diego California.

He served as Managing Partner of CleanSource Energy Partners LLC, a California company which delivers renewable energy and energy services to domestic and global markets, with offices in San Diego, Phoenix, Entebbe Uganda,  and Kitale, Kenya. The company originates, and brings together the right resources: feasibility analysis, designs, engineering and finance, to ensure project success. Their expertise in the utility, renewable energy and energy efficiency industries provides deep knowledge of solar-photovoltaic & thermal, geothermal ground source heat pump systems, combined heat & power peaking and smart grid solutions.

Terry also served as Project Director for the Global Microgrid Center (a non-profit organization), which is a test and certification, R&D and innovation facility focused on advancing microgrid supplier capabilities to address the changing energy market. The Center is designed to test and certify electric energy equipment, software, construction and project delivery. It is a partnership between Santa Fe Innovation Park, Santa Fe Community College, US Laboratories, multi-national corporations, researchers, work force developers and global non-governmental organizations.

Terry also serves as chairman of the United Nations Foundation MicroGrid Work Group and is one of seven work groups focused on "Sustainable Energy for All", that provides a global platform for practitioners to identify and address market and other barriers to the effective delivery of clean, affordable energy services for the globe by 2030. Operating in the space between grid extension and decentralized solutions, microgrids have been characterized by some as the “missing middle” in electrification.

Terry is also an appointed Federal Advisor to the Dept of Commerce’s NIST agency, providing the agency direction in its smart grid related programs and activities as they lead a nationwide effort to expedite the development of interoperability standards for the smart grid. The USDOE apponted Terry to represent the USG for the Clean Energy Ministerial and focal point for smart grid and advanced microgrids to developing countries, with priorities in India and Asia.

Terry Mohn specializes in clean energy and the improvement of the electric grid by using modern technology. He has 30 years' experience in large-scale system architecture, business strategy, and technology investment strategy. Terry focuses on business integration of technologies, primarily supporting smart grid, building automation systems, communication systems, distribution automation, smart metering and demand management.  He also is very involved in technology research, funding and commercialization and works closely with major universities.

Terry continues advising the US Dept of Energy and California Energy Commission for research and emerging technologies. He worked closely with many DOE laboratories developing future energy standards. He was a co-founder of OpenAMI and UtilityAMI, now part of OpenSG, to develop requirements and standards for consumer access to the smart grid. Following these efforts, he worked on the early ZigBee HAN standards as well as Utility Standards Board's meter data standards. Terry was very involved writing and editing the GWAC Framework for Interoperability, EPRI's Intelligrid and Galvin's Electricity Initiative.

Terry was previously VP Innovation of BAE Systems energy business and Chief Technology Strategist for the Sempra Energy utilities, with emphasis on smart grid. He served two terms as Vice Chairman of the GridWise Alliance, a consortium of public and private stakeholders who share a vision and stewardship that the nation’s electric system must modernize for the country to remain competitive on the world market.

Prior to his energy roles, Terry was chief technology officer for an international broadband media company and founder of two Internet companies.

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