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​​• Global grid infrastructures
 Both simple and complex asset mix
​ Off-the-grid rural electrification

​• Urban and suburban districts

​•​ Governmental advisory
We supply energy consulting using renewable energy technologies and transformational microgrid solutions. General Microgrids’s "Balance Energy" business process approach ensures reliable, cost effective, and efficient renewable integration and resource planning for its customers. Safe, controllable and reliable microgrids integrating renewable generation are complimentary infrastructure with customer assets that increase grid reliability, stabilize long-term energy costs, and mitigate negative environmental impact.
-General MicroGrids


  • Clean power generation and electrification development consultant 
  • Microgrid technology neutral consulting 
  • Market assessments and market entry, targeting strategies
  • Microgrid economics and operations on site training and demonstrations
  • Recommend qualified screeners of microgrid economics and feasibility
  • Recommend cost benefit analysis and market assessment of technologies
  • Recommend microgrid engineering, design, PMO services, distribution system interconnection, and impact analysis
  • Recommend compliance planning and comprehensive energy plan development​
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