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We need to bring together global stakeholders to develop a more integrated approach to energy access, planning, and execution than has previously been done. We intend to catalyze the implementation of renewable and low-carbon technologies and spur the market toward universal energy access...

Terry Mohn

General Microgrids is a global microgrid leader addressing the need for sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity for all. General MicroGrids designs, builds, owns and operates a variety of microgrid models serving both rural energy-impoverished communities and energy-dependent urban and industrial cores. In developing countries, its rural microgrid projects give students a light for their studies, mothers heat for their stoves, communities the power to pump water, and businesses the electricity to compete and grow the local economy. One in five people worldwide have no access to electricity and, therefore, are denied the health, education and economic benefits that electricity brings. To address this gap, the United Nations has set a goal of achieving “Sustainable Energy for All” by 2030, and General MicroGrids is supporting this initiative as a member of the U.N. Foundation’s microgrid working group.

We focus on providing self-healing solutions for: 

Energy access projects

General MicroGrids conducts rural electrification projects in developing countries. Phase I of the projects address the evaluation of existing infrastructure, long term energy requirements and energy production technologies and the socio-economic impact on each area to be assessed. Phase II of projects build the infrastructure as agreed upon by the central government.
Projects consider not only the geographic specific opportunities, but will also take into consideration broader national and international interests. As other international organizations provide insights into elimination of energy poverty, projects incorporate those ideas that are consistent with our work; including policy, technology, market and social implications.

Industrial projects

Safe, controllable and reliable microgrids integrating renewable generation are complimentary infrastructure with customer assets that increase grid reliability, stabilize long-term energy costs, and mitigate negative environmental impact.
General MicroGrids recognizes the need to better manage distributed energy resources for medium to large customers, which will reduce emissions, stabilize operating costs and secure a reliable energy supply. We combine large scale systems delivery experience applying utility smart grid, renewable generation, controls systems and cyber security domain expertise that enable the safe and reliable deployment of distributed generation assets.
General MicroGrids is redefining how microgrids and renewable generation are integrated and leveraged by utility customers and end users alike. Historically, microgrids were viewed as “islands” servicing small customer campuses at the end of a feeder line. With our new control systems, that is no longer the case. These reliable and secure control systems balance demand against supply and enable utilities the flexibility to safely and cost-effectively manage and control a network of new distributed generation assets along with their legacy centralized assets.

Featured Global Developments

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