Andy Zetlan, Business Development Executive

Andy Zetlan is the Business Development Executive for General MicroGrids. He has spent 35 years in the utility industry in all areas of the business. His passion is working with computer applications that drive improvement in business processes, market positioning, data quality, and controls. 


His strong sales, marketing and consulting experience bring a tight bond between our customers and work product. He has worked for a utility, as an industry consultant, and technology companies and posesses strong writing and presentation skills. 

His talents go beyond customer service, an include his degrees in the arts, electrical engineering, and business. He has experience as an instructor with 10 years of college teaching experience.

Some of his strong points include background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and serving as an outside instructor at the University of Delaware for a decade in GIS, and is a frequent speaker at industry events. 

A fun fact is he is co-founder of The Wine Tasting Club, providing high-value California wines and enjoyable wine tasting events around the US.

His specialties include: broad experience in all aspects of the utility industry business, including finance and accounting, supply chain, customer service, human resources, work and asset management, consumer engagement, AMI, meter data management, and operations; including strong IT and consulting background. 

He presently serves on the advisory board for Zimron, a site aimed at the Millenial generation to support their search for both personal and professional development