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Featured Global Developments

General Microgrids is a global microgrid leader addressing the need for secure, sustainable, and reliable electricity for all. General MicroGrids assists customers in procuring services for designing, building, owning and operating a variety of microgrid models serving both rural energy-impoverished communities and energy-dependent urban and industrial cores. In developing countries, its rural microgrid relationships give students a light for their studies, mothers heat for their stoves, communities the power to pump water, and businesses the electricity to compete and grow the local economy. One in five people worldwide have no access to electricity and, therefore, are denied the health, education and economic benefits that electricity brings. To address this gap, the United Nations has set a goal of achieving “Sustainable Energy for All” by 2030, and General MicroGrids is supporting this initiative as a member of the U.N. Foundation’s microgrid working group.
We focus on advising best-of-breed energy solutions for customers interested in self-healing communities, universities, urban areas, military & private security, and remote off-the-grid electrification.
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